Shimano Caenan Baitcasting Reel Review

Using a baitcasting reel simply means you’re using a reel that rests on top of your rod rather than a typical spinning
reel that sits below. Spinning reels have a tendency to twist the line, causing tangles. Baitcasting lines don’t twist so you won’t have the same issues as spinning, but it does take practice to get it just right. The type of bait you use has no impact.

The name of Shimano represents high quality, excellent design and overall improved fishing experience thanks to its longevity in the business. Established in the 1920s, Shimano has produced a great number of reels over the decades and always improving the quality of their designs. In fact, in this Shimano Caenan review, we will look at the overall quality, design and other elements that help make this reel one of the best in its class.

Our review of this line of Shimano baitcasting reels will include what customers have been raving about along with the inherent design improvements that have made this one of the most talked about reels in the business.

The Top Features of the Shimano Caenan Baitcasting Reel

For those who are familiar with Shimano, then it will come as no surprise that their Caenan series of reels follows in the tradition of using the best quality materials, latest production methods and proven qualities that have established Shimano as one of the best in terms of manufacturing baitcasting reels.

Compact Graphite Design: The use of graphite is nothing new in fishing reels, but Shimano ensures that it is included to add strength, durability and longevity to the design while adding years to its life as well. This means that you will get smooth action for many years with only light maintenance and cleaning needed for this reel.

Disengaging Levelwind System: Essentially, this system reduces the line contact so you can cast more efficiently and get more from the reel itself. Add to this the aluminum casting of the reel and the exclusive “Low-Mass” spool and you get greater line capacity for less weight and bulk that many similar fishing reels offer. The low weight also contributes to better overall control and ability to sense the subtle tugs and pulls on the line.

VBS Casting System: This prevents backlash when casting and manages spool speed properly for greater casting distance. This means that you can cast farther with greater control while the six-bearing drive ensures that the line flows smoothly time after time. For those who fish, the importance of proper line control can make the difference between hitting the right spot and not catching much of anything.

Super Stopper Roller: This roller greatly reduces backplay so that the line stays tight on the catch. This allows for better control and less slack so that you don’t lose control of the action. Add to this the friction-reducing line guide made from ceramic which is strong and will not oxidize, this Shimano reel allows for the best overall control of the line when you fish.

Overall, this Shimano Caenan review has shown all the positive aspects that it brings to those who fish. However, it is the combination of all these advantages packed into a reel of modest price that makes it one of the best baitcasting reels on the market today. For those who are looking at getting a new reel, they can start with Shimano baitcasting reels 140 designs such as this one means that you cannot go wrong.

Shimano and Abu Garcia are neck and neck in a race as the premier baitcaster provider, both offering top notch quality and affordability in their reels. Be sure to check out our reviews of the Abu Garcia baitcasting reels on display today. You will not be disappointed in what they have.