Review of Daiwa Laguna High Speed Casting Reel

Baitcasting reels makes fishing a different kind of experience than what you’re used to with spinning reels. It takes amazonbuttontime and practice to get it just right, but once you do, there’s no turning back. What you really need to learn the ropes fast and easy is a great baitcasting reel you can trust to be of high quality and extreme craftsmanship. That’s where Daiwa steps in.

Daiwa baitcasting reels are considered some of the best in the fishing business thanks to the overall quality of design, excellent materials and innovations that Daiwa is well known. While the fact that some of the best baitcasting reels comes from Daiwa does not necessarily mean that these reels are the only good ones on the market. There are others made by Abu Garcia and Shimano that share the limelight as well. However, the Daiwa Laguna does seem to live up to the reputation of the company and even exceed it in certain ways.

The Top Features of the Daiwa Laguna

A proper review of the Daiwa Laguna reel starts with the overall quality of the design and materials used in construction. The drilled aluminum framing creates a very lightweight reel that is also quite strong and highly resistant to oxidation or rust. This means less maintenance and cleaning while enjoying more action when you fish.

Ergonomic Design: One of the more interesting features is just how the Laguna is built for easy manipulations. For those who enjoy fishing for hours at a time, having such a reel means less pressure on the hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and back so that you can enjoy your fishing even more.

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Five Ball Bearings & Roller Bearing: Ball bearings provide greater smoothness and control of the casting and reeling action. The Laguna has the required ball bearings crafted from high quality materials so that they will last for many years with a minimal amount of maintenance. Plus, the roller bearing allows for greater overall control as well.

The Swept Handle: The swept handle allows for greater control and less wobble when casting and reeling in the catch. It also increases the overall positive feel of the line so that you can detect the subtle changes and tugs on the line to let you know what is on the other end. In addition, the winding control of the reel allows for even greater feel as well so you can get the most out of each cast and pull.

Dual-System Anti-Reverse: A feature of the this particular baitcasting reel is that is has an anti-reverse features that keep the line tight so that you know what is happening on the other end. For Daiwa baitcasting reels, the dual-system anti-reverse is a common feature that is included on the Laguna.

Low Profile Frame: One of the most subtle features of the Daiwa Laguna is its low profile which allows for greater control of the action as you manipulate the reel. This allows for your hands to be in the proper position while pulling in the catch. A low profile also means that you can better choose the rod that you want to pair with this remarkable reel.

Overall, the combination of potent features in a package that is low and competitively priced makes the Daiwa Laguna one of the most desired fishing reels of its type. The wonderful ergonomic design also makes it one of the most comfortable reels available. For those who are looking at getting a new reel that combines all the desired features at an attractive price, the Daiwa Laguna is the one to get.

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