Review of Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Baitcast Reel

The reason people ultimately end up choosing a baitcasting reel is for the benefits it adds to the overall experience of fishing. Baitcasters allow a person to handle a bigger catch on the end of the reel as well as sending out the line fartheramazonbutton than a typical spinning reel would. Determining the location in which you will be fishing will allow you to decide on the best type of rod. Baitcasting reels give the user a more enjoyable trip that allows you to relax more than you would be able to with a spinning reel.

Abu Garcia baitcasting reels have become popular among the fishing community due to the quality and ease of use the reels offer the buyer. The company believes in creating innovative products that can not be compared to other products in the market. They stand behind the benefits their merchandise has to offer their buyers. Abu Garcia understands the thrill of the sport and continues to create cutting-edge reels that provide the ultimate precision to anglers around the world.

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The Abu Garcia Black Max is one of the top Abu Garcia reels in their inventory currently. The low profile baitcasting reel offers high performance at an affordable price making it a top choice for your next purchase. By offering high quality products at reasonable prices, the brand is able to reach more people and keep their prices fair. The Abu Garcia Black Max has a sleek and modern design that will stand out in the crowd.

Top Features of the Black Max Low by Abu Garcia

The design of this Abu Garcia baitcaster reel was created with an angler in mind. The low profile and lightweight body allows a person to maneuver the reel with ease. Minimal work is required to get the desired precision of location in the water. The frame is made out of one graphite piece that weighs in at 7.9 oz. This baitcaster reel is one of the lightest weighing reels on the market right now. The machined spool is created out of aluminum and provides superior strength to the reel.

A benefit of having a machined spool is that it will load the line on the spool perfectly every time. This makes the experience more enjoyable because the worry of the fishing line getting tangled is effectively gone. When a fisherman is casting out 145 yards of fishing line, the last thing anyone wants is for that line to get tangled up in itself.

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Another favoring quality of the Abu Garcia baitcaster is the MagTrax brake system it has built in it. The MagTrax system provides a consistent braking throughout the casting period while fishing. The Power Disk drag system allows the drag to remain calm and smooth. This grants the angler to actually feel when they have actually caught something on the hook. The overall quality of this Abu Garcia reel is unbeatable at the price it is offered at on the market. The Abu Garcia Black Max contains 4 stainless steel ball bearings and 1 roller bearing which provide an effortless experience during use. This setup allows for extreme fishing on a day to day basis.

The Abu Garcia brand stands behind their products enough to offer a warranty on their reels. They want their customers to be happy with their purchase and will replace any defective baitcaster reel within a given timeframe. The purchase of the Abu Garcia Black max comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty. By offering high performance and quality at an affordable price, this Abu Garcia is a perfect choice for veteran anglers or beginners. The sport will completely change how you view it when you choose an Abu Garcia baitcaster reel for your next purchase.

For those looking for an Abu Garcia alternative that has many of the same features and similar pricing can opt for the Abu Garcia Silver Max Low Profile.