Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Baitcast Reel Review

Abu Garcia has always been a proud supplier of baitcaster reels and continues to shine with the Pro Max. The reviews on this particular model are outstanding and are very much in line with the Silver Max and Black Maxamazonbutton

Certainly of the best baitcasting reels on the market in this particular price range, the Abu Garcia Pro Max has been garnering plenty of compliments from customers who have been blown away by the combination of sleek, solid design, smooth casting and its lightweight frame. Add to this the low, competitive price and this Abu Garcia product is one of the finer reels in its line of baitcasting reels.

Top Features of the Abu Garcia Pro Max

There are certainly a number of features that help this particular reel stand out from the competition, starting with the high quality that is associated with Abu Garcia fishing reels. For those who enjoy fishing, the name Abu Garcia holds a special place in reels that are of low cost, but high in terms of overall value and longevity.

The new Pro Max is certainly one of the better designs to come from this heralded company. While the reputation of the company itself is certainly impressive, it is the actual design of the reel and composition of materials that help make the Pro Max one of the best in its class. Let’s take a look at it’s composition and what makes it cast further than many more expensive varieties:

Lightweight, Graphite Frame: The low weight of the Abu Garcia Pro Max allows it to be easily held and casts in many different types of conditions. Plus, the lightweight frame means that it is easier to detect pulls while still having plenty of strength to reel in the big catch.

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Corrosion Resistant: The frame contains seven smooth bearings that not only allow for easy action, but they are also fashioned from materials that are corrosion resistant as well. This means that with light maintenance this baitcasting reel will last year after year providing smooth, steady action while fishing in different types of conditions.

Instant Anti-Reverse Bearings: For better control, the anti-reverse bearings represent an advanced design that allows for better command of the action when reeling in the catch. For those who love to fish, a reel with this feature is a necessity on the waters.

Compact Design: The smooth action almost belies the small, compact design of the Abu Garcia Pro Max reel. The inclusion of seven smooth bearings and graphic materials allow for plenty of inherent strength while being small and compact enough to fit on many different types of rods. Because of its smaller size, it is actually easier to match this reel to the right type of rod for your needs.

Low Price: For all of this quality, the Abu Garcia Pro Max is one fishing reel that seemingly costs less than the fine materials and craftsmanship that was used to assemble the product. The competitive price has helped make this particular unit one of the top baitcaster reels in its class. Purchased on Amazon makes the purchase that much more safe and reliable.

Overall, the Abu Garcia Pro Max represents the epitome of high quality, excellent action and lightweight design that is the envy of many other baitcasting reel manufacturers. When considering all the advantages that this particular reel brings, it is clearly the best baitcasting reel for the price and worthy of any fisherman’s collection.